Statistics show common telecommunications complaints

A study into telecommunications companies has given an insight into the relationship between consumers and their providers.

The study from Roy Morgan research shows that in the six months to May 2011, 57 per cent of those surveyed needed to contact their carriage service provider with an issue.

Technical problems were the most common reason for the contact, accounting for 36 per cent.

Billing problems followed with 27 per cent citing a disagreement with their internet, mobile phone or home phone bill.

Of these problems, few were likely to be solved on the first point of contact.

Only 38 per cent of technical problems were sorted out on the first query, whilst billing issues had a 35 per cent first-time success rate.

14 per cent of technical problems took more than five calls to be dealt with satisfactorily and a further 17 per cent for billing.

The research highlights many of the concerns that consumers share over the telecommunications industry.

Whilst most choose their provider based on the cheapest price, many will switch due to dissatisfaction with the company's customer service.

Customers unhappy with their current provider may benefit by contacting a price comparison service to compare phone plans

Posted by Eve Gillespie