South Australians to pay more for electricity

Thousands of South Australians are expecting to pay 17 per cent more for their electricity.

The price increase came into effect from the beginning of August.

According to the Essential Services Commission of South Australia (ESCOSA), an average household that uses 5,000 kilowatt hours (KWH) of electricity a year will see a jump of $226 in their annual bill.

Small business customers who consume around 10,000 KWH annually can expect an increase of $433.

The increase has been justified by an increase in network electricity prices and a consumer price index adjustment.

Those affected are smaller consumers on a standing contract - individuals or households using less than 160 MWH per annum - who make up just under 30 per cent of all small consumers.

The remaining small consumers have switched to the market contract, which remains unchanged.

Standing contract prices are permitted to be raised if the Relative Price Movement (RPM) methodology shows a need for prices to be brought in line with market contract prices.

Whilst the ESCOCA has pledged to monitor prices in the electricity suppliers sector and encourage competitive rates, it recommends that customers shop around for the best market deal.