South Australian gov't releases gas blueprint

The South Australian government says the state can enjoy the revenue through billions of dollars in investment and a long term secure energy supply.

The Roadmap for Unconventional Gas Projects in SA is a blueprint for the state and makes 125 different recommendations which look at how to best approach the issue.

Energy minister Tom Koutsantonis told Adelaide Now it's an exciting time to be involved in this particular sector.

"This energy revolution is happening right here, right now, driven by innovation and new technology.

"SA's unconventional gas sector can deliver billions of dollars of job-creating investments and a new source of safe, secure and competitively priced energy for households and businesses both here and overseas."

The recommendations include consulting with the public in the genesis of any projects so concerns over the environment and water can be resolved.

The minister added that technology is able to unlock gas through different resources such as tight sandstones, shale and deep coals. And because of the age we are currently in, it is accessible in a way that hasn't been possible previously.

Different gas suppliers are currently involved in exploring for gas in the Cooper Basin.

Posted by Callum Fleming