South Australia increases energy efficiency

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The Essential Services Commission of South Australia (ESCOSA) has completed a review of the state's Residential Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES).

New activities will be approved and in action from January 2012, which detail the incentives to reduce household energy use as provided by utilities companies.

The scheme will allow utilities companies to replace or upgrade water heaters, dispose of unnecessary fridges and upgrade duct work.

Other energy-saving measures will include the installation of efficient extra-low-voltage down lights, ceiling insulation and less wasteful showerheads.

Low-income households may also be eligible for a free audit to discover areas in which energy efficiency can be increased, lowering the price of bills.

The REES was created to help everyday households reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by implementing energy-saving measures in the home.

All electricity and gas retailers with more than 5,000 customers are currently required to assist households through a range of approved activities that will also lower their energy bills.

The REES is administered by the Essential Services Commission which reports to the Minister for Energy on the outcome of the scheme.

Those looking to save on electricity and gas prices can also benefit by comparing the rates of utilities companies available in their area.