Sort your savings before spring

As we get closer to winter's end, we begin to think about the possibilities of spring and summer. Now's a great time to start adopting energy saving practices, as electricity prices can sure give you a sting as the weather starts to warm up and cool air conditioning is needed.

However  you can look forward to making some savings on your energy bills in spring and summer, even if your cooling costs are higher, because you won't need to use appliances like a clothes dryer and you're likely to be having shorter, cooler showers.

So what can you do to save up before a heat wave hits when you'll be scrambling for the air conditioner?

Merge your appliances

Maybe you've got a big family and have two fridges or freezers - one in the kitchen and another in the garage, perhaps. Even if you have a highly energy efficient fridge, it can still make an impact on your power bill, and so having two is just double the trouble. If you can manage to organise yourself well enough to fit all the food you need to in just one fridge or freezer then you will reap the benefits of energy saving.

When you're looking to buy or replace a big appliance such as a washing machine or fridge, it is definitely a good idea to check out its Energy Star Rating to see if it's worth paying a little more upfront to save on electricity costs down the track.

Go tech free

Have regularly scheduled family time where using technology such as computers and video games isn't allowed, and instead spend the time doing something creative or involving physical activity. There are endless possibilities with this fun challenge, so use your imagination and come up with some awesome activities which with can be suited to any age group - and can help your family together.

Cook smart

Cooking can be a big culprit when it comes to using up electricity. Often microwaves are a great way to save energy as they cook things more quickly than other methods - hence saving operating power. If you do use a traditional oven, keep it closed throughout the process - don't open it up every few minutes for a quick peek - as this lets out a large amount of heat which it will have to regenerate. 

Posted by Matthew Cole