Solar power station plans get back on track

Plans for a large-scale solar photovoltaic power station to be constructed in Australia are now back on track, as the shortlist for the Solar Flagships Program reopens once again.

Moree Solar Farm had been identified as the preferred round one applicant, although it has now proposed major changes to its project, after failing to meet financial conditions.

Minister for resources and energy Martin Ferguson noted that a staged and gated process to funding grants has been established through the Solar Flagships program.

"The government is committed to the deployment of large-scale renewable energy technologies in Australia. However, we must also ensure that taxpayer money is spent prudently," he commented.

Mr Ferguson pointed out that the government is making an effort to develop a wide range of projects and technologies in Australia, such as carbon pricing and funding through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

In recent days, the Grattan Institute released a report offering an insight into electricity prices of the future, suggesting that the cost of low-emission technologies needs to be lowered.

The study indicated that carbon prices will help to keep prices competitive, but this will not be enough on its own.

Posted by Charlie Moore