Solar power inquiry could lessen SA's reliance on coal

Households may be interested in an inquiry into solar energy generation in South Australia (SA).

The important role solar energy is going to play in SA's future has been highlighted by the state government. 

Mineral resources and energy minister Tom Koutsantonis revealed the details of a parliamentary inquiry into solar thermal energy on Wednesday (October 17).

Mr Koutsantonis said this review shows the government's commitment to finding more renewable energy solutions to support the state's electricity use in the future.

"We have set an ambitious target to make renewable technology the source of 33 per cent of our energy generation by 2020.

"Already, if South Australia was a country we would be second in the world when it comes to generating power through renewable technology," the minister asserted.

The investigation will look at how viable it is to replace Alinta Energy's Northern and Playford coal-fired power stations at Port Augusta with a solar thermal plant.

This will ensure that the state government is prepared for a time when there is no more coal at Leigh Creek to generate electricity for the state.

Solar energy has the potential to be a great source of power for households and businesses in SA.

Now could be a beneficial time for residents to take a closer look at ways they could incorporate solar power into their homes to reduce their own electricity prices.

Being able to generate your own power can help your household become more sustainable and it has the potential to limit your individual impact on the environment.

Posted by Charlie Moore