Solar operators expecting rush of work

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The Toowoomba arm of Infinity Solar has warned of a "perfect storm" as a result of a surge in demand for solar power services and installation, due to a number of factors.

Imminent rises in electricity prices and the upcoming cut off of the Queensland government's Solar Bonus Scheme is being touted as a stimulus for a massive uptake in solar power, The Chronicle has reported.

Manager of Infinity Solar in Toowoomba John Harrison explained that 42,000 people are yet to install systems before the June 30 deadline, so a rush of work is expected.

He said: "We have already seen an increase in enquiries from residents about having solar power systems installed since last Friday's announcement that electricity prices are set to rise.

"This announcement is only going to add pressure and people could find that reliable solar companies are booked out."

Mr Harrison warned that with a rush of work, unscrupulous operators will present themselves who don't have the proper skills and will take advantage of the situation.

Last week (February 22), state treasurer Tim Nicholls objected to the Queensland Competition Authority's directive that electricity prices should rise by double digits.

A number of federal factors were blamed, including green schemes and the carbon tax.