Solar hot water rebate closes in Queensland

A rebate offered in Queensland intended to encourage more households to take up solar hot water heating has been withdrawn, as the state looks to reduce a deficit that currently stands at $52.8 billion.

“Applications for the rebate have slowed over the last six months and the cost of delivering the service for a reduced number of applicants can’t be sustained,” said minister for energy and water supply Mark McArdle on Friday (June 22).

McArdle claimed that closing the rebate will save taxpayers upwards of $10 million.

However McArdle also pointed out that many households could still stand to benefit from going solar, and the option remains one worth considering in a time of rising electricity prices.

“Switching to a solar system can save households up to 25 per cent on annual energy costs, so households should still consider the ongoing financial benefits,” he said.

Since the introduction of the rebate in July 2010, nearly $26 million has been paid out to residents who switched from electric hot water to a more efficient solar hot water system.

Residents who have already purchased or placed a deposit on a solar system will still receive the rebate as long as they have completed installation before July 27 and have submitted an accurate and correct application form by September 28.

Posted by Charlie Moore