Solar electricity prices reaching parity with coal

Reports have emerged that solar subsidies and feed-in tariffs have allowed the electricity prices from solar generation to reach parity with coal-fire power.

As reported in The Age, Andrew Blakers from the Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems at the Australian National University has said that several states are now able to benefit from price equality for renewable energy.

''If you look at the prices being paid today, we have already reached grid parity in a lot of places except Melbourne and Hobart,'' he asserted yesterday (August 18).

The news is promising for thousands of homeowners who are struggling with current electricity prices from suppliers.

Price parity is a key factor in the widespread adoption of renewable energy, as the number one concern of consumers is the cost of energy use in the home according to a recent survey by the Clean Energy Council.

However not everyone wants, or is able, to install a solar power system, especially those living in apartments without roof space.

Cost effective measures such as solar power systems often take time and involve upfront costs.
In order to save, it may be worthwhile to consult the expertise of a switching service which can source cheaper alternatives for energy suppliers.