Solar an option for combatting electricity prices

Summer electricity bills could mean that households across the country are in for an unwelcome surprise, according to the chief executive of the Australian Solar Energy Society (AuSES).

Speaking to the Herald Sun, John Grimes asserted that electricity prices are expected to soar skyward right through until the end of the decade.

An excellent way to combat electricity prices, he explained, is to invest in solar technology and generate renewable energy at home.

While people may have been put off by solar in the past - due in part to the expense associated with fitting rooftop panels - the cost of installation has dropped considerably in the past year and a half.

And as solar technology is built to last, Grimes asserts that Australians could benefit from the savings for years to come.

"If people have the funds and want to make a longer-term investment it's a pretty smart thing to do," he told the publication.

However, not all solar energy generation systems are created equal - and Grimes pointed out that consumers would do well to shop around for the option that best suits them.

The average system, he explained, is slightly smaller than the 3.5 kW or four kW system required to meet the energy needs of an Australian family, so it is worth asking around and comparing offerings from different providers.

According to AuSES, other considerations you will want to bear in mind when it comes to installing solar panels include where they will be located, as well as the design of the solar power system itself.

You will also want to think carefully when choosing your solar installer, the society notes. It is imperative that you check your installer's CEC accreditation - and you may want to obtain cost estimates from two or three different installers before you make your final decision.

Your installer should also be able to tell you which system is best suited to your location - and should give you a rough estimate of how long it should take you to enjoy the cost savings from your new upgrade.

If you are still on the fence about solar technology - or are looking for ways to make further cuts to your electricity bills - you might want to contact a switching service.

This can help you determine whether there may be cheaper deals on electricity in your area - and if so, the service can help you go through the steps of changing to a new supplier.

Posted by Charlie Moore