SMEs: Compare phone plans and ensure value for money

The telecommunications needs of small businesses may differ to those that their larger counterparts experience, but one concern not necessarily unique to any one company size is that of value for money.

Business operators wanting to ensure that they are getting the best deal for their enterprise can benefit from a quick visit to an online service to compare phone plans.

Considering prices for calling, texting, multimedia connectivity and the range of options on the market can help increase awareness of what is available, and assist in making the decision of whether it might be best to switch providers.

To maximise operational productivity, it could also be a good idea for operators to make sure that they are not paying for any unnecessary features - whether they be functions that come standard on a particular handset, or an element of your contract.

For example, if your staff does not need to access email or other internet-based resources off-site, a smartphone may not be the best option for employees.

Similarly, if communicative access is all that is needed, text messages and call rates may be the only considerations necessary for a suitable business contract.

Posted by Eve Gillespie