Smartphone market may be revolutionised by Samsung Galaxy S III

Those mobile communication enthusiasts who are always on the lookout for the freshest gadget will be interested to hear of the Australian launch of the newest - some say revolutionary - smartphone.

Technology industry expert from Gadget Guy Vallens Quinn has described Samsung's Galaxy S III as a "very, very technologically advanced phone" - it was released for sale in Australia yesterday (May 31) and initial reports indicate that it could place Samsung as leader of the smartphone market.

For consumers interested in finding the best mobile plan for their needs, thinking about how the right handset can contribute to your communicative experience is also be an important part of the process.

Mr Quinn detailed the main features of the Galaxy S III, highlighting its points of difference from the iPhone 4S, perhaps the new phone's most significant contemporary.

"The Galaxy S III has the very latest technology - some of what you find on this phone isn't in the iPhone 4S, for example.

Also, for those that want a larger display the 4.8 inch screen is massive so, again, the iPhone 4S is a 3.5 inch display, it's considerably smaller.

And lastly, this is the first time that any other non-iPhone has garnered so much interest in the media that really says a lot about this phone. It really is the phone to beat right now."

Posted by Eve Gillespie