Smarter choices can help bring down power bills

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Rising electricity prices can have a big impact on the finances of Australian households, so it is important to select appliances that are energy and water efficient in order to save money and protect the environment.

That was the message premier of Victoria Ted Baillieu and minister for environment and climate change Ryan Smith were seeking to communicate at the launch of their Smart Choice retail program on June 1.

The program will see sales staff from over 400 appliance, lighting and hardware stores throughout Victoria provided with extra training as to how best assist consumers in purchasing high efficiency products.

“A medium-sized Victorian household, with three to four people using electricity and gas, spends around $2400 on energy bills each year," said Baillieu.

“This program ensures Victorians get the best information to make the smartest choice and reduce their household energy bills.”

According to the Victorian government's Resource Smart initiative, each star an appliance has on its energy efficiency rating translates directly to a reduction in power costs. For example, when it comes to televisions and fridges, each star is worth a saving of 20 per cent.

If consumers want to reduce their household energy bills even further, they might consider switching to a cheaper power company.

An electricity comparison can provide you with all the information you need in order to make an informed and financially-savvy decision.

Posted by Charlie Moore