Smart saving tips - how to cut down on power bills (Part Two)

Electricity prices are set to go up next month as the carbon tax and increased distribution costs take effect. That is why it's worth taking the time to ensure your home is as energy efficient as possible.

Here is part two in our series of smart saver tips.

Turn out the lights

It takes two seconds to hit the switch as you leave the room, but this can have a big effect on your monthly power bill.

Energy efficient light bulbs are also a great way to save power, as well as benefit the environment. They might be a little more expensive to buy, but are 80 per cent more efficient than standard fluorescent light bulbs, according to Energy Refuge.

Shorten your showers

Showers have been proven to be more energy efficient than baths and are a good way to save on water-heating costs. Keeping showers short will save you money and give you a little extra sleep-in time in the morning.

Review your supplier

Of course, one of the easiest ways to reduce your power bills is by making sure you are with the best electricity supplier for your needs. A simple price comparison check can give you a full evaluation of the options available and help you make the right choice.
Posted by Charlie Moore