Smart networks could help households manage electricity bills

Smart networks that can better cope with rising peak demand requirements could help consumers manage their electricity costs.

John Deveraux, chief executive of the Energy Networks Association, remarked last week that these networks could provide consumers with the keys to cut their expenditure on electricity.

Speaking at the Australian Energy & Utility Summit in Sydney on July 26, Deveraux explained that customers often do not receive information about their electricity use until up to three months later - an inefficient system that does not empower them to make immediate changes.

He explained: "Smart networks will provide the opportunity to completely change that situation by providing timely information tailored to customer requirements - and providing the means by which they can respond, cut their electricity costs and reduce peak demand on the electricity networks."

Deveraux added that smart networks also help to reduce down on the number of routine and special manual meter reads, as well as frequent upgrades to electricity infrastructure.

Another way to cut your household's electricity expenditure is to compare the rates offered by Australia's various electricity suppliers.

To compare electricity prices and ensure you are on the deal that best suits you, you will need to identify your postcode, current electricity supplier and ideally will have a current bill to refer to.