Smart energy-saving tips

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Now that the weather is getting cooler, have you found yourself tightening those purse strings in order to protect yourself against the sting of costly winter electricity prices?

Winter is an easy time for electricity and heating bills to go up, as we tend to stay inside more, use the dryer, take longer and hotter showers, and keep ourselves warm with heaters and fires.

Despite this, there are some small things you can do to reduce the sting when you receive your first winter power bill.

Curtain call

One simple thing you can do to get some heat in your home is to open your curtains during the day to let the warming sunlight in. Make sure to close them again at night, to keep your rooms insulated and snug.

Turn it down

If you reduce the temperature on your hot water controls, you can make big savings on your heating costs. 

We rarely use the very hottest setting on our taps and showers anyway, so you will still be able to have hot showers without wasting that extra energy.

Smart heating
If you're using a heater, confine it to the room you're in. Close the doors to all the unoccupied rooms so that you're not losing heat into areas that don't need it.

Try to layer up as much as possible to keep warm, and then have your heater on the lowest setting possible if it's still necessary.

Sleep easy

Don't sleep with an electric blanket turned on all night long. It's much more economical to make use of a cosy hot water bottle, which comes with the added bonus of being able to snuggle up to it!

Be sure to make use of all the blankets and bedding you already have, and wear warm pyjamas so there's no need for too much extra heating.

The wonders of washing

Try to co-ordinate your laundry with a day that's predicted to have clear skies, so that you can dry your clothes outside.

If it's too wet, first try to use an indoor clothes horse - only use a drier as a last resort!

Whistling wind

If you sometimes feel a chill blowing through your home, check to see if any of your windows or doors is letting in a draft.

If you would like a permanent solution, consult a professional to fix it, or you can try out a DIY solution such as propping a towel against a drafty door.

Posted by Matthew Cole