Single parent families see changes in employment status

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New data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics has shown that single mothers are less likely to find themselves in employment during the early years of their child's life.

Only 28 per cent of single mothers with children under the age of four are employed, with the percentage increasing as children grow older.

The demands on time and care for children remains greater at the beginning of their life, with pressure easing as they grow up and are enrolled in school.

For those with children between the age of 15 and 24, employment rates reached 83 per cent.

As time goes on, single parents may find more available time to enter the workforce and ease the pressure on the cost of living.

However, some parents may struggle during the early years, where the ability to earn an income is restricted by the duty of care.

Single parent families looking to save on the household budget could do well to implement cost-saving measures into their everyday life.

Energy prices in the home are an area where a little planning can go a long way to freeing up some of the budget.

By increasing energy efficiency in the home, households will use less electricity and pay less as a result.

Consumers can also contemplate switching electricity suppliers in order to get a cheaper rate.