Simple steps can help lower electricity prices

Homeowners who are concerned that the electricity prices they pay are too high can make a number of simple lifestyle changes to lower their bills.

The Nielsen Global Survey recently identified rising utility bills as one of the major concerns among homeowners at the moment.

Of those polled, 70 per cent said they were cutting back on their use of energy in a bid to lower their outgoings.

People tend to adopt a number of habits that increase electricity consumption, such as leaving electrical items in standby mode.

It is therefore important to switch TVs, games consoles, stereos and any other appliances off completely to avoid paying out unnecessarily.

Another area where electricity may be wasted is lightbulbs - changing them to energy-efficient models can make a slight difference to the amount paid out for energy.

Heat loss is a major cause of rising energy bills, which can easily be fixed through the use of draught excluders.

These are placed at the foot of doors to prevent heat from escaping, therefore lowering the need to crank the heating up high on particularly cold days.

Posted by Charlie Moore