Should you put a lid on it?

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Make your time in the kitchen more energy efficient, so when you are whipping up that delicious meal or popping those scrumptious muffins into the oven you're having a smaller impact on your electricity prices.

Here are some tips to reduce the amount you pay to your electricity suppliers for the price of a homecooked meal.

On the stovetop

If you have an electric stovetop, you might want to aim to use pots and pans with flat bases, and match the bottom of the cookware to the size of the element so you're not wasting electricity.

Gas stovetops are said to save energy and according to some cooks, produce better results.

If you are using one of these appliances, ensure you keep the flame directly underneath your cookware and do not let it run up the sides, as this unnecessary usage will result in higher gas prices.

Other tips to keep in mind include keeping the lid on your pots to reduce the amount of heat they lose and simmering rather than vigorously boiling water as this also saves energy.

In the oven

Rather than using the oven, see if you can use the microwave, an electric frypan or a pressure cooker to make your meals as these items use far less energy.

Reheating meals in the microwave rather than in the oven is a more energy efficient choice.

However, there are a few tips if you do want to use this item.

Check your seals by using a piece of paper. If this slips out from between the seal and the door, it means heat may also be escaping. Replacing these seals could help you save energy and money.

Try not to preheat ovens when you don't need to and if you can, cook more than one item at a time.

Keeping the oven door clean will prevent you from caving to the temptation of checking your meal or baking's progress, as you can easily peer through the glass rather than opening the door and letting heat escape.

In the microwave

Sometimes, when you have a hectic morning it can be hard to remember to get out the ingredients for the night's dinner from the freezer, and you might be tempted to thaw frozen food in the microwave.

It is much more efficient to let these items thaw in the fridge, so consider leaving post-it notes as a reminder if you're prone to forgetting this morning task.

The microwave is an appliance that does not need to be switched on 24/7. When not in use, turn it off at the wall as the display panel draws power from the grid even when the machine is not in use.

Posted by Tim Wolfenden