Should mobile phone companies have mandatory overage alerts?

A media storm has erupted in the US after one Florida resident received a phone bill of more than $200,000.

Reports claim that the resulting total was due to over-texting and data usage.

The case has gained widespread coverage all over the world and raises the question - should phone companies be forced to notify customers when they are going over their cap?

Bill shock is a common occurrence - largely due to consumers not being fully aware of either rates they are charged for data and texting, or how often they are using their phone.

Some mobile phone providers offer customers a service which messages them when they have spent a certain percentage of their monthly cap.

A simple alert can cause customers to reduce their usage for the rest of the month, helping them stay under their cap and not be faced with an enormous bill.

However, the case in the US has resulted in many people asking if this service should be built in to a mobile provider's service.

If your telecommunications company does not provide such a service, you may want to compare phone plans to find one that does.

Posted by Eve Gillespie