Should I change my business gas supplier?

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As a business owner, it's essential to look for new and innovative ways to cut costs wherever possible, which includes reassessing your gas supplier.

Gas is an important resource for companies regardless of which sector they operate in, so knowing you're getting the best deal on your bills can help your bottom line.

There's little point in paying over the odds for your energy, which is why you'll need to regularly look at the market to see if there's a better deal available.

Assess the market

Gas suppliers are in intense competition with each other to offer the best deals, so don't assume that the product you're currently on is necessarily the right one.

How often you see what's available is up to you, but it's probably a wise idea to assess your company's energy needs on an annual basis at the very least.

This will give you a snapshot of the latest deals, as well as the opportunity to see exactly how much gas you're using and whether any cutbacks can be made.

Gas prices are around the highest they've ever been, so this should spur you on to take a closer look at the market and weigh up what the suppliers have to offer.

Remember that no matter which company you choose to supply your gas, it will still originate from the same source.

The distributor remains the same, it just means you'll be paying a different company to provide the energy to your business premises.

Monitor usage

There's no better time to take a closer look at how much gas your business is consuming than when comparing alternative suppliers.

You will need accurate data on your level of gas consumption in order to be able to weigh up your options, so use it as an opportunity to decide where changes need to be made.

It's possible you will realise that gas use peaks at certain times of day - can you come up with a reason for this trend and is there any way of reversing it?

Reducing energy consumption needs to be a team effort, so make sure the rest of your company is on board, otherwise the impact might not be quite as great as you'd hoped.

The next time you come to reassess your gas prices, take a look at whether there's been any difference to your bills - you might be surprised!

Posted by Jeremy Elliott