Shopping around may lead to crucial savings

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With leading grocery chains fighting hard to secure their share of consumer spending, Australians may benefit enormously from conducting price comparisons on everything they buy.

And a recent study by the Fraser Coast Chronicle found that shoppers could potentially save thousands of dollars each year on both everyday and luxury items.

The publication reviewed the cost of 33 different products at Aldi, Woolworths and Coles with the results yesterday (November 21) showing significant differences in the total amount spent.

Aldi was the cheapest option with all contents adding up to $123.97 compared with $177.95 for Coles and $196.78 for Woolworths.

However, shoppers said that the added value for money was somewhat negated by Aldi's lack of variety.

Retiree Enid Thatcher told the publication: "It's been a tough year dollar wise and I need to get the best value."

Thatcher added that in her experience prices had dipped across the board to healthy competition among supermarkets.

Households keen to make crucial savings heading into a new year might also wish to consider more tangible methods of cost-cutting such as changing gas suppliers for a lower rate on quarterly bills.

Unlike with the weekly groceries, consumers can call on a switching service to help them make the right decision about gas prices.

Posted by Callum Fleming