Seek out best phone plan for Samsung Galaxy Note

Many mobile phone users will be aware of the benefits that smartphones can offer in terms of high-end communication options and multimedia connectivity.

The newest device from Samsung many have consumers wanting to compare phone plans in order to take advantage of the unique features it has to offer.

The Galaxy Note was launched in Australia on March 13 - having had its American launch one month earlier on February 9 - and it has been dubbed the 'phablet', combining tablet and phone features into one package.

Samsung announced yesterday (March 28) that the Galaxy Note had reached five million worldwide sales - this is during a time when the iPad and other Android tablets have taken a considerable amount of the limelight.

A statement from the telecommunications giant attributed the success of the device to the sketch-and-design functionality of the unique S-Pen, combined with the tablet-like 5.3-inch, super AMOLED screen.

PCWorld's Jared Newman said in his review (March 28) that the display is a "glory to behold" and PC Mag's Sascha Segan said that the screen's dimensions are a selling point for older users who like the option of a larger text size.

Posted by Eve Gillespie