Saving on electricity prices when out of work

As many as one in ten Australians spent time out of work in the twelve months leading to February 2011 according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

Roughly 1.7 million Australians embarked on a job search during this time, illustrating the pressure and competitiveness of the current job market.

The figures highlight the potential pressure being felt by a large portion of the population, as looking for work is particularly stressful when household bills continue to arrive.

The average time spent looking for work was 18 weeks for both sexes.

Men were found more likely to be unemployed during the year leading to February 2011.

The strain of bills on a household during unemployment periods could be the cause of a great deal of stress.

Energy costs in the home have also been found to be the number one pressing issue facing the average Australian, according to a recent study by the Clean Energy Council.

Many are simply unaware of their options when it comes to switching electricity suppliers - a simple change that could potentially save hundreds when it matters most.

A simple comparison can identify available options in a region where utilities companies are competing for consumers through better rates.