Saving money while at university

Starting university is an exciting time and for those who are boarding, possibly in a new town, it can be a cash-strapping experience.

There are a number of ways that you can save money and still have a fun time while furthering your education.

Buying textbooks can be really expensive - even with a course that has four subjects in a semester - that's 24 subjects over the course of a degree and a lot of material that needs to be purchased.

Why not find a friend in your class and go halves on the books and when it comes to study time, either do a study session or simply photocopy the relevant pages - just remember that legally, it can't be more than ten per cent of the book.

The amount varies depending on the type of publication - but a rule of thumb is one tenth.

Going out with friends may be fun but it can drain your back pocket quite quickly. No doubt many of your dorm mates are also in the same situation, so try and go out on nights where there are discounts. At the local pub, go on the 'two for one' night or go to the bowling alley when it's 'three games for the price of two'.

All these things add up to ensure that you save money during your time at university.

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