Saving money on food bills

Given that eating is a necessity of life, we can be forgiven for spending a large portion of our budgets on food.

But just because it is crucial, it doesn't mean that we have to be spending more than we need to be.

There are ways of reducing your weekly grocery bill and the changes that have to be made to achieve this aren't changes of the wallet - more of the mind.

Altering habits is the crucial part - so to begin with, stop purchasing your lunch at work every day. The amount you are probably spending on Subway and take-away Thai is going to be more than you think.

If you need to be convinced - document how much you spend in a month on take out.

It is much cheaper to bring in food from home, so save the left-over dinner from last night and reheat it. This not only ensures that you are full, but that you don't waste food that has already been paid for.

The recent floods in Queensland, which have caused a short supply of fresh produce, are a perfect example of how a home vegetable garden can save you money - provided that you don't live in such areas.

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Posted by Matthew Cole