Saving energy - it's the little things

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Let's be honest - talking about how to save power and energy may be a bit boring and a bit of a drag sometimes.

However in this day and age with ever unpredictable electricity prices as well as gas prices, it's important to know how to make savings on energy usage where you can.

You'll be thanking yourself that you did when you make your next purchase using the money you saved on your electricity bills!

Black out

During the day, open the curtains in your home to let the sun in and to warm the room up.

Once the sun goes down, however, close them immediately in order to keep the heat insulated inside.

This small technique can help you save on heating costs if you can keep your home that much warmer.

Rug up

Wooden floors in a home can give off a chill as they are not warm on the feet and so you may be spending money on heating your home to make up for it.

Instead, considering investing in some plush and cosy rugs to keep your feet warm through the winter, or maybe even a toasty pair of bedsocks or slippers to keep you feeling snug.

Ditch the bath habit

Having a bath feels luxurious for a reason - it is! Taking a bath uses up a heap of hot water - much more than you use in a simple shower.

Avoid using the bath if you can or otherwise save it for a special occasion, to save on water and heating costs.

Wash smart

Using the washing machine can be a costly experience if you don't do it right!

Make sure you wait until the machine is full until you do a wash, as this is the most efficient option.

Try to use a cold water cycle where you can, unless the clothes are very dirty.

If you can avoid using a drier and instead dry clothes naturally on a clothesline, then do so.

If using a drier is absolutely necessary, there are ways in which you can increase efficiency in the process.

For instance, drying one load of clothes straight after the other is a way to save on energy as leaving time between loads means the drier has to use more power to heat itself back up again.

Posted by Matthew Cole