Save money this Christmas by using electricity effectively

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Christmas can be an expensive time of year - with presents to buy, meals to eat, family gatherings to plan and even the office Kris Kringle, it is not hard to see how the holidays can make a serious dent in your family budget.

If you are keen to take a more frugal approach to your finances this summer, a great place to start is by identifying ways you can save money on your bills.

For many families, electricity prices can be a worry - but with some conscious action and some lifestyle changes, you may find that slashing your bill can be easier than you think.

Even at Christmas - when your home is likely to be decked in lights and packed with guests - there are simple ways to save money.

By simply switching to more energy efficient Christmas lights - LED alternatives are available, as are festive lights that are powered by the sun - you can enjoy the outdoor trappings of the festive season without needing to fork over additional cash.

With so many guests coming and going, it can be easy to leave gadgets like hair dryers plugged in or televisions and radios on when you leave a room. Taking a moment to switch them off - or even unplug them - can be a great way to ensure you don't pay for energy you aren't really using.

Your full house means there are probably doors opening and closing on a fairly regular basis - which can be problematic if you choose to run the air conditioner during the summer months.

Ensuring doors and windows are closed when the air conditioner is on allows it to run effectively - and less cold air is lost, meaning you may be able to cut down on your air conditioner use considerably.

Of course, there could be another reason why your electricity bill is more than it should be - you might be with the wrong supplier or using a tariff that doesn't suit your household's energy consumption.

If you are curious about ways you can save money on electricity in 2012, a quick call to a switching service could be the solution.

Using details about your household and where you live, your friendly representative is able to see all the available deals in your area - and if there is a better one than the plan you are currently on, the answer could simply be to switch.