Ryan Smith urges use of Smarter Choice system

Victorian minister for environment and climate change Ryan Smith has advocated the use of Smarter Choice in a bit to keep power bills down.

With temperatures expected to hit 40 degrees across much of the state tomorrow (January 8), Mr Smith said there are ways to keep cool in the heat and prevent electricity prices from hurting consumers' back pockets.

He urged anyone buying a new air conditioning unit should think about the Smarter Choice Retail Program.

The minister commented: "The Smarter Choice Retail Program trains retail sales staff to provide customers with advice on the energy efficiency of appliances and how to get the best out of the model they choose."

"By choosing the most energy efficient appliances available and using them properly, Victorians can minimise their energy consumption and save money on household bills."

He added that by carefully choosing a system that has a high star rating, a family can save up to 25 per cent on their power bills. He added that the saving is made up by 10 per cent on the actual running costs while 10 to 20 per cent can be found by not setting a temperature too low.

Research shows shoppers make up their minds to purchase a product in the store - the minister mentioned - so by making this information available in store, buyers are more knowledgeable and can  make wiser purchases.

Posted by Charlie Moore