Rising electricity prices place a strain on household budgets

Older people who are looking to downsize in their retirement years may find that they can save money on energy costs by moving into a smaller house.

Rising electricity prices are making it harder for ordinary working families to keep on top of their household bills.

In parts of the country where the average income is already low, it seems that power disconnections are becoming more and more common.

But it is not only an inability to make these payments on time that is hurting families and in some cases individuals.

Rather it is the additional costs that come with failing to meet repayments, as well as the amount of time people are going without access to any power that is most concerning to governments around the country.

In Queensland, it has been reported that some houses are going without power for up to a week due to the fact they could not cover simple costs.

And recent reports from South Australia show that rising utility bills are having a significant impact on the cost of living, as well as reducing the general quality of life.

If you are struggling to make payments on time then it might be wise to compare energy providers in order to save money.

Posted by Charlie Moore