Rising electricity prices may force consumers to take shorter and cooler showers

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Saving money on energy bills is a top priority for Australians across the country, especially as electricity prices continue to rise.

And with most households using between 20 and 40 electrical appliances in use at any one time, it makes sense to think about ways to cut back on these items.

It is also a good idea to think about the impact daily activities can have on your finances and with this in mind it may be helpful to look at just how much energy something as simple as a shower can consume.

For example, a standard five minute shower may not seem like a huge cost but to put this activity into perspective it is important to understand it uses roughly the same amount of power as watching a 20 minute television program.

By taking shorter and cooler showers it is easy to get ahead on your next bill without impinging on your lifestyle.

Another top tip is to stack your dishwasher to its full capacity -  you can save money by reducing the number of cycles completed in any given week and your impact on the environment by making sure that items are not washed by hand, which is uses more energy.

Posted by Charlie Moore