Rising electricity prices a good reason to go solar

One of Australia's peak clean energy bodies has declared solar power as a great way to offset the cost of rising electricity prices.

The Sustainable Energy Association of Australia (SEA) says: "With the price of electricity for both domestic and business customers increasing, solar panels remain a good idea as they deliver electricity that, combined with existing federal government rebates, can potentially pay the investment in panels back within six to seven years, with electricity sourced from those panels after that point in effect free."

SEA have also noticed a trend in households that install rooftop panels - they are more likely to become electricity wise and reduce their overall consumption, resulting in a less-costly bill.

Individuals and families across the country are trying to take control of their energy usage in order to curb rising cost of living expenses.

For customers who aren't ready or able to invest in a solar panel system, they may wish to investigate switching electricity suppliers.

A switching service can help with this, by looking at the rates of distributors in a particular region and notify consumers if a cheaper alternative exists.

Posed by Charlie Moore