Review of mid north coast energy needs

In a review of the future energy needs of the mid north coast of New South Wales, all forms of electricity services will be considered.

In a review of the needs in the area, energy minister Chris Hartcher announced on Friday (November 2) that businessman Robert Rollinson will lead this independent review.

Early estimates have found that electricity supplies in the Taree and Landsdowne areas could be in danger by 2020 and Hartcher said that every aspects of the delivery of energy needs to be looked at as well as electricity prices.

"The review will consider the usage patterns of residential and commercial customers of the area, to consider whether gas or the energy forms can reduce or defer the need for transmission upgrades," he said.

It comes as federal minister for climate change Greg Combet announced that the Gillard government's Clean Energy Future package is providing a catalyst for a healthier environment and a stronger economy.

The government's figures show that by 2020, Australia will have reduced its carbon footprint by 155 million tonnes.

With Australia currently being the world's greatest emitter of greenhouse gases on a per capita basis, Combet has expressed the government's commitment to doing Australia's fair share.