Report examines impact of carbon tax on electricity prices

The Real Energy Price Report released yesterday (October 9) conducted by Big Switch Projects is an investigation into the impact of the carbon tax on electricity prices.

According to the report, some business energy consumers are starting to feel the pinch of the carbon tax and its effect on energy costs.

"At Big Switch Projects, we wanted to see what the impact of these increases really was, so we could help our business clients make better decisions about energy cost management," the report said.

The study used actual electricity bills for June and July this year and used 66 large business consumers which included office buildings, a hotel, a large club, a hospital, two factories and a shopping centre.

Twenty of these participants were located in New South Wales, 18 in Victoria, 20 in Queensland, 6 in South Australia and one each in Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory. 

The bills were from seven different energy suppliers.

These companies reportedly recorded an average increase in total energy price was 18.6 per cent although the increases ranged as high as 53 per cent and as low five per cent.

Posted by Charlie Moore