Report: Electric cars should be charged by renewables

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A study has found that unless owners of electric cars power their automobiles through 100 per cent renewable technology - they will in fact produce more greenhouse gases.

The Department of Transport in Victoria has revealed that in three years of usage, an electric car will recoup the pollution that was emitted during its production.

Currently, the five-year trial is at its halfway point and is based on the fact that predictions claim these cars will be used in their thousands over the coming years.

Only 100 or so are being used presently.

By 2020, it's expected electric cars will make up 25 per cent of all new sales.

But given the fact that Victorian energy sources come from brown coal - any good that electricity cars do for the environment will be nullified by powering it - according to the Department of Transport.

Electricity prices will also be an impetus to ensure that they're powered by renewable means.

Kristian Handberg, low-emission vehicles project manager with the Department of Transport, told The Age that it was important to analyse how electric cars will fit into society in the future.

He commented: "We make cars here in Victoria, so it is a real competitive advantage to the state if an emerging trend in global automotive technology is towards vehicle electrification."

Posted by Charlie Moore