Reliability of electricity networks 'continues to improve'

The reliability of transmission networks across Australia has continued to improve for energy customers, a new report has established.

Data from the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) shows that charges incurred from the transmission network typically make up around ten per cent of electricity prices for consumers.

Transmission network service providers (TNSPs) are responsible for managing the high-voltage lines that transmit electricity to cities and towns throughout Australia.

AER chairman Andrew Reeves commented: "First, service standards, which include the availability of the network to transport electricity and interruptions to supply, continue to improve, with most TNSPs' outperforming relative to historic trends."

He also revealed that capital expenditure is currently at historically high levels as this reflects strong investments made by TNSPs and attempts to replace ageing networks.

A recent report by the Conversation suggested that Australian residents will feel the effects of carbon taxation on energy bills received after July 1.

It explained that the carbon tax is currently set at $23 a tonne for the coming financial year, although its actual impact on customers' bills will vary considerably from person to person.

This situation is largely unavoidable because of how electricity is bought and sold, the website noted.

Posted by Charlie Moore