Regional Victoria closer to accessing gas

The deputy premier of Victoria has announced that regional communities across the state are closer to accessing reticulated gas through approaching the private sector.

Peter Ryan, who is also the minister for regional and rural development, said that he will be looking for interest from industry in providing technologies to expand the access regional areas have to natural gas.

He called for Expressions of Interest (EOI) from companies who utilise Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in their delivery to different communities.

“Through the EOI process the Coalition government will engage with natural gas suppliers who have the capacity to provide natural gas to smaller rural communities utilising CNG, LNG or other technologies,” Mr Ryan said.

The towns where this rollout will be prioritised include Koo Wee Rup, Warburton, Marong, Bannockburn, Terang, Avoca, Lakes Entrance, Invermay, Heathcote, Winchelsea, Orbost and Wandong-Heathcote Junction.

This new phase of the Energy to the Regions program comes after Victorian gas businesses supplied their product to priority towns through traditional pipeline technology in exchange for a fixed subsidy.

The program is a $100 million system by which the state government is looking to deliver energy to regional areas that is efficient and inexpensive.

Posted by Callum Fleming