Reform of electricity suppliers 'underway in ACT'

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Action has been taken in the Australian Capital Territory to make energy suppliers more competitive for customers, the Energy Supply Association of Australia (ESAA) has noted.

Among its changes is the introduction of full retail contestability for all electricity customers, as well as a more transparent and consultative process for offering the transitional franchise tariff.

However, the group believes that retail price deregulation is one of the only barriers currently preventing a competitive retail electricity market arising in the ACT.

In many cases, the ESAA believes that there are some complications standing in the way of sensible retail prices for energy being set.

These include rising fuel costs, the expense associated with meeting state and federal government policies and the impact of the Clean Energy Future package.

It was recently suggested by the Australian Energy Regulator that transmission networks have become more reliable for electricity customers throughout Australia.

The group also pointed out that charges arising from transmission networks tend to make up around ten per cent of the electricity prices paid by consumers.

Transmission network service providers are tasked with managing high-voltage lines that provide cities and towns with their electricity.

Posted by Charlie Moore