Reducing your mobile phone bill

Of all the ways to ensure your precious dollars don't go down the drain on phone bills, consider opting for a pre-paid phone plan.

By embarking on such a pricing structure, you are able to know with absolute certainty how much your mobile phone will cost because you have already paid for the usage.

Another way to provide relief for your back pocket is to consider what type of communicator you are and cater to that. If you aren't much of a talker but connect with others through messaging, then try and find a plan that allows for unlimited texting.

If you are more inclined to talk, then look for a plan which allows for greater call time - one with a lot of minutes.

Ensure that your provider is giving you the best mobile plan possible which suits your needs and gives you peace of mind that you are spending money on what you are actually using.

Additionally, for those who enjoy social media - some networks offer unlimited access to Facebook, Twitter and other sites, which means that your data usage won't be hugely excessive.

Talk to a comparison and switching service to compare phone plans and find the best one that meets your criteria.

Posted by Eve Gillespie