Reducing your energy usage over Christmas

With rises in electricity prices and Christmas approaching, consumers should think about ways they can reduce their energy consumption over the holidays.

As the festive season gets closer, more and more people will be putting up a Christmas tree. People often want to put lights on their tree but this can be result in excessive energy usage. If you must use real lights, be sure to infrequently turn them on.

Also if you are looking for a way to create some ambience in your home, consider lighting candles as a cheap alternative as they will last and won't perpetuate your energy consumption.

There are also Christmas lights that can't be turned on which is a good substitute for the real thing. Additionally, if you have outside decorations, make sure you don't leave them on overnight as the electricity bill will be particularly high.

No matter what you decide to do during the holiday period, consider the energy consumption consequences to ensure that when your post-Christmas bill comes in the mail, you aren't shocked by its contents.

If you do think that you aren't getting the best deal with your electricity provider, talk to a comparison and switching service to investigate if there is a better option out there for you.

Posted by Charlie Moore