Reducing your energy usage in your business

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If you run a small or medium business you no doubt want to maximise your productivity when it comes to running your operation. One of the ways in which that can be achieved is by reducing costs through creating a more energy efficient workplace.

Should your business be computer reliant then obviously your desktops and laptops are an area of high energy usage. With rising electricity prices, it's a good idea to make sure you are using your digital equipment efficiently to protect your business's bottom line.

Turn off all computers at the end of the day and be sure they are turned off at the power point. If you make a habit of charging your laptop's battery overnight, you may want to invest in some timers which can ensure that electricity is not needlessly wasted.

For lights in the offices and bathrooms, consider putting them on a sensor or timer so that if rooms aren't being used, they are not wasting power on lights.

With the summer months on their way, why not consider installing solar panels so that they can power your air-conditioning. It is expensive, but you should view that expense as an investment in your company's efficiency.

Posted by Charlie Moore