Reduce your home office power bill

If you work from home, it does not mean you can't make changes to your office environment in order to save on electricity prices.

There are a number of changes you can make so you send less money off to your electricity suppliers at the end of the month.

Here are some home based business energy saving tips.

Work out how much power is for business and how much is for fun

If you work from home, it's only natural that some of the money that goes on your electricity prices will be from your day-to-day family life and the rest will be as a result of your business spending.

Working out how much goes on each area can help you judge which areas are energy "hot spots" that use the most power.

Once you work out where your power use is coming from you might be able to make changes around the home to reduce the amount spent in these areas.

Compare electricity suppliers

One easy step you could take to knock down your electricity prices could be to reduce the amount you spend per month - a different supplier might be able to offer you a better deal that can make your bills cheaper without lowering your usage dramatically.

Consider your technology

If you have a home office, chances are you have a resulting plethora of equipment. There might be some older items of technology that you could replace with more efficient versions.

Older computers, printers and fax machines use more power than newer models, and even a small saving could mean you spend less on these bills.

However, if you are buying new technology, consider how you will dispose of the old version and if you already have an item at home that could perform a similar job.

Another thing to bear in mind with your technology is that you are not leaving it on standby at the end of the day or when you are no longer in the office.

Appliances and computers suck up power off the grid even when they are not plugged in. If you are leaving the office for any longer than 15 minutes, ensure your computer monitor and office lights are switched off to save.

Use technology efficiently

Computers use a lot of power, and there are a few ways to ensure you use the least amount of power possible.

Use the lowest brightness setting that you feel comfortable with as this uses less power than a brighter screen.

Also, switch off the active screensaver, a simple black screen is cheaper to run.

Make sure you switch off all office appliances when not in use to save power.

Posted by Liam Tunney.