Reduce water bills and the impact of electricity and gas prices

The average household budget includes a few different elements that contribute to expenditure - the power used to charge appliances and lights, the gas used for heating and the water that cleans and nourishes.

Because of the various things that consumers need to pay for, there are, helpfully, many avenues available for saving money on expenses - reducing usage of water can help allay other costs like electricity and gas prices, for example.

The next time you decide to wash your car, think about how much water you will be using - consider a waterless washing product or making use of collected water instead of running it fresh from a hose.

If you own a pool, use rainwater to fill it and reduce evaporation by covering it with a pool blanket or keeping the sun off with a purpose-built shade.

Checking the inside and outside of your house for leaking pipes or connections should be done regularly - a leaking fixture could waste up to 20,000 litres of water per year!

Posted by Callum Fleming