Recycle old mobile phones for World Environment Day

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When considering the best mobile plan, consumers may also like to think about the impact that having a phone - and updating it regularly to keep up with technological advances - may have on the environment.

According to Telstra's chief sustainability officer Tim O'Leary, there are 22 million unwanted mobile phones lying around Australian homes - these items will end up in a landfill if not recycled.

For World Environment Day (June 5), Telstra is urging phone users to drop off their old phones at MobileMuster units, located in Telstra stores across the country.

Over 90 per cent of the materials in old mobile phones can be recovered, including gold, copper, silver, nickel, cadmium and plastics.

And for every mobile phone collected in the MobileMuster units in June, Telstra will donate $1 to Landcare Australia.

"By dropping off your mobile phones, batteries, chargers and accessories at a MobileMuster unit in your local Telstra Store, you're enabling over 90 per cent of these materials to be recycled, with the components used to create products for everyday use, like fence posts, batteries and stainless steel," said Mr O'Leary.

"All items collected through MobileMuster are recycled and are not re-used or refurbished. We however suggest that customers remove their SIM card and delete personal information from handsets before recycling," he added.

Posted by Eve Gillespie