Reactions to Victoria's energy efficiency announcement

Do you live in Victoria and are you affected by the state's electricity prices?

If so, you may be interested that on August 26, the Victorian state government announced that it would be providing $3.59 million in funding for increased energy efficiency in commercial office buildings.

This initiative has been welcomed by organisations such as the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), an organisation dedicated to driving green building practices and developing a sustainable property industry in the country.

"For more than a decade, we have argued that improving the performance of our built environment requires a range of complementary measures, including both financial and non-financial incentives, and both public and private sector leadership," said the GBCA Chief Operating Officer Robin Mellon.

"We have been calling for visionary government leadership - and this program does just that."

The program is named the Smart Resources Smart Business - Energy Efficient Office Buildings program and will help to retrofit office buildings to become more efficient through upgrading heating and cooling, lighting and more. While cost savings will be achieved, it is also a positive step for the environment, which will be exposed to fewer carbon emissions thanks to the measures building owners will take through the program. 

"We have also advocated large-scale investment in retrofitting programs - and this initiative will deliver more efficient, cost-effective, productive and environmentally sustainable buildings across Victoria," said Mr Mellon.

It has been a big month for energy efficiency across Australia, as New South Wales also recently announced a large-scale plan for upgrading the state's approach to electricity, gas and water usage.

While this is Victoria's latest sustainability measure, the state has an impressive list of programs designed to help Australians save on utility costs while also adopting new practices and behaviours that are beneficial to the environment.

It has schemes running to help households structure their energy use and become more knowledge about the appliances they're using and how much electricity they take to run. As well as this, schools and public businesses are also being targeted to use more environmentally friendly materials and adopt energy efficiency practises.

There are also state strategies in place for increasing rates of recycling, reducing waste and litter, and planning for more effective waste management.

Do think Victoria is taking a step in the right direction and how much more do you think needs to be done for Australia to be a sustainable nation?

Posted by Charlie Moore