Queenslanders to get reprieve from public transport costs

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As part of your household expenses - and alongside other considerations like gas prices, electricity bills, council land rates and rent - transport costs can take up a big chunk of your monthly expenditure.

If you commute to work every day, the fees you pay to ride the bus, train, tram or ferry can mean a large part of your take-home wages are put back into getting you to the office.

However, the Queensland government is taking steps to reduce the impact of public transport charges.

Transport and main roads minister Scott Emerson said: "Customer satisfaction for the January-to-March period shows affordability satisfaction for train passengers plummeted to 45 per cent - the first time this measure has ever dropped below 50 per cent."

The government scheme will provide passengers a free-travel-after-nine-journeys incentive, which could see significant savings for regular Monday-to-Friday commuters who will be able to ride at no cost on a Friday afternoon.

This is a potential saving of $150 to $220 per year for commuters who ride between one, two or three zones.

For people coming from the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast it could mean savings of up to $500 a year.

Posted by Callum Fleming