Queenslanders to get more say on electricity policy

Households in Queensland will be pleased to hear that the state is proposing changes to ensure residents have more control over their own electricity prices.

State energy minister Mark McArdle announced on Wednesday (October 10) that the government has been seeking advice about how to increase consumer participation in decisions relating to power costs.

"Many of the significant changes confronting the electricity industry will only succeed through the active engagement of consumers," Mr McArdle commented.

He said energy consumers in other countries are being heard and that Australians have the same right to be able to have an open dialogue with their electricity supplier.

Mr McArdle stated that the Newman government aims to boost resident involvement.

"Consumers are the largest group in the economy but when it comes to electricity and water they have been the least heard."

The energy minister plans to raise his concerns about increasing consumer involvement at the state government's Energy Consumer Reference Group and Energy Retail Roundtable meeting on October 23.