Queenslanders to be protected from early termination fees

New laws have been set down to make it easier for Queensland residents to switch electricity suppliers, meaning that now is a better time than ever to consider an electricity comparison check.

The groundbreaking legislative changes passed through parliament yesterday (July 12), receiving praise from minister for energy and water supply Mark McArdle. 

"A climate of rising electricity prices and unscrupulous retailers trying to price gouge unsuspecting Queenslanders has made the Newman government more determined than ever to address cost of living concerns," said Mr McArdle (July 12).

"Banning early termination fees today takes our commitment to lowering the cost of living a step further by protecting new and existing market customers from excessive electricity price rises."

Under the new changes, consumers with a market contract will have the power to switch electricity providers without penalty if suppliers elect to increase their charges above notified prices.

It is hoped that the new laws will encourage Queensland residents to hunt down a better electricity deal in order to minimise the impact of price increases brought on by the carbon tax and rising infrastructure costs.

Posted by Charlie Moore