Queenslanders may see water charges increase

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Queenslanders currently budgeting for the effects of gas prices, electricity expenditure and other household utilities may need to think more conservatively about their water use.

Talking to ABC News today (May 28), state minister for water supply Mark McArdle said that the reductions in water charges that were introduced as an election promise may not be able to be maintained.

Mr McArdle said that because of costs relating to infrastructure and revenue, the reduction of charges may not be feasible.

"Driving down the revenue means that the debt levels cannot be properly serviced as time goes by.

"That doesn't mean we can't service them, but it does create a problem in relation to what we can use to drive down that debt situation."

For those wanting to conserve water to reduce their bills, there are industry-recommended ways to cut down on use.

Installing efficient taps or aerators, using the dishwasher efficiently, watering plants early in the morning or late in the evening and using a pool cover are all good ways to reduce water consumption in areas that tend to cost the most.

Posted by Callum Fleming